HOA Landscaping Design Services

HOA Landscaping Design Services - Charlottesville

We have a great deal of experience in designing community landscaping for the awesome spaces you have planned for your residents to live, work, and play. We’lll work closely with you, your HOA landscaping committee, and your HOA board in developing a landscaping design that works best for your community.

We care about your community because you care about your community!

We will develop a landscaping design that works best for your community.We have experience in balancing landscape hardiness and beauty. We know how to create private spots for contemplation, and fun places for your residents to gather and play. We can work with you to provide the necessary landscape maintenance services within your budget. We excel at creating inviting entrances; functional, safe, and attractive common areas; and community building landscapes (clubhouses, pools, tennis courts, etc) that have a shared, cohesive theme.

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Landscape Design Services

Charlottesville Land scape design HOA
Charlottesville Land scape design HOA

We work with you to develop a master plan that encompasses your entire HOA community:

  • Landscape planning & design

  • Plantings

  • Rain gardens

  • Drainage systems

  • Irrigation services

  • Water features

  • Hardscapes & masonry (walkways, patios, common areas, pillars, entryways

We offer complete landscape design services, including the installation of rocks, plants, patios, entryways, and landscape water features in Charlottesville, VA, and the surrounding areas.

Whenever we possibly can, our landscaping designs and installations use choices that are environmentally friendly.

You can be confident we will apply environmentally friendly standards to your neighborhood.

Environmentally friendly efforts:

  • Mulching

  • Turf quality

  • Soil-tilling

  • Drought-tolerant plants

  • Erosion reduction

  • Minimize hardscaping

  • Rain-runoff management 

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Earth-Friendly Landscape Designs

Mulch HOA
Mulch HOA