HOA and Community Lighting

HOA and Community Lighting - Charlottesville

A well-designed outdoor lighting installation can change the look and feel of your entire community! We can install and maintain a lighting plan that will bring warmth, safety, and beauty to your community’s parks, structures, and common areas. Proper lighting will help welcome your residents and visitors, improve safety, and give the entire neighborhood an inviting glow.

HOA Exterior Lights
HOA Exterior Lights

HOA and Community Outdoor Lighting

Finding a company that understands how to strategically create a welcoming community through lighting design is not easy. Larger communities require a unique skill to create the ‘look and feel that goes beyond minimum lighting requirements. We work hard to make sure your outdoor lighting system is beautiful and operational.

We have a great deal of expertise in providing lighting installations that consider design, function, and safety. Contact us to find out how we can assist you in getting the inviting atmosphere that proper lighting can provide!

Lighting for Safety

Families, neighbors, and guests love to socialize and play outside well into the evening to take full advantage of their community. Our communities now offer more amenities: club houses, retail establishments, pools, recreation areas, shops, and theaters to name a few. Lighting can play a critical role in creating the right ambience to truly enhance your community’s evening experience. 

Lighting also plays a critical role in community safety. Well-lit common areas or walkways illuminate the area for your homeowners, tenants, and visitors, and helps them spot any change in elevation, objects that are in the way, and any potential pitfalls. Providing adequate outdoor lighting also helps deter unwanted intruders, particularly if the community lights are set to a timer that turns on and off strategically, thus giving any unwanted “guests” a sense that the buildings or area is occupied.

We strive to create a balance between safety and beauty that can optimize your community’s experience in both.  

Repair & Maintenance for Current Lighting Installation

Whether your lights were installed by us, or someone else, we would be thrilled to take care of your current lighting system. We can monitor lights throughout the neighborhood for burned-out bulbs, electrical wiring issues, and/or any areas that have gone dark over time.Your lighting plan will need continual supervision and enhancement as your community usage continues to change and grow. We’d be happy to help keep your lighting system beautiful and functional for years to come. 

Contact us for all your community outdoor lighting needs.